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Professorship Agroecology - Prof. Dr. Johanna Pausch

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Rhizosphere - Roots of a plant with soil

Rhizosphere Biogeochemistry

Our research deals with environmental topics related to the function and use of agricultural ecosystems. Our research focus is on biogeochemical processes in the rhizosphere of crops.  ...more

Maize field with rainout shelters

Crops under climate change

Modern cropping systems must be able to meet the challenges of climate change to ensure future yield stability under increasing stress conditions. By investigating rhizosphere traits in ancient crops, our objective is to uncover key processes for improved stress tolerance in plants.   ...more

Mycelium of a fungus - scanning electron microscopy

Mycorrhiza Research

Carbon is the building block of all living things. C atoms are continuously recycled, from the atmosphere to the ground, and back again. This C cycling may involve mediators, mycorrhizal fungi, with which most terrestrial plants live in symbiotic relationships. Our goal is to understand the role of mycorrhizal fungi in the C cycle.   ...more

Maize plant with roots


Our research concentrates on the linkages between aboveground processes of plants and rhizosphere functions.   ...more

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